What is Personal Training?

Personal training program includes a personal trainer (PT) is a certified individual who has knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective exercise programs and deliver one-to-one training.

PTs have varying degrees of knowledge but must pass a level 3 certificate in personal training.

PTs help their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat loss and improved sports performance.


Benefits of Personal training
  • Teaching you the correct form: A personal trainer will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you’re new to the gym or new to lifting weights, getting the technique right is vital.
  • Hold an objective eye: When working out alone, you can’t always tell if you need to adjust your posture, position, or range of movement. Personal trainers monitor your form during your training and correct you if necessary.
  • Knowledge and experience: PTs must stay up to date with industry trends and training methods, which will save you time from doing all the research yourself.
  • Push your limits: Personal trainers are passionate and supportive, but they’ll also challenge and motivate you to push yourself further.
  • Hold you accountable: Sometimes, the toughest battle is getting to the gym. A personal trainer will hold you accountable; it’s not so easy to cancel the gym if you have a personal training session.
  • Design a training program: Personal trainers will create a tailored training program to suit your needs, abilities and goals. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your program will include specific weight-loss exercises.Your personal trainer will monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.